"He who angers you enslaves you." anon

Distressing, inappropriate and violent expressions of anger and rage are on the increase as the pace of modern life becomes too much for many people. Ill health, stress, misery and sometimes injury and death can ensue.

We've all heard or read about cases of road rage or jealousy where people have even been killed because of uncontrollable anger. As we stated in FAQ's, intense emotional arousal is a trance state where you become locked into a very narrow way of thinking and behaving. The fact is that you can't win an argument with someone who is angry because they can only see their point of view. Emotional arousal hijacks the thinking part of the brain, in effect making us stupid.

The facts tell us that unresolved anger means that you are more likely to suffer from a heart attack than people who don't have anger issues. The best way to help yourself and others is to understand the causes, triggers and behaviour patterns of anger, and to learn effective techniques for diffusing and coping with aggressive situations. 


At stow-hypno the one-to-one anger management sessions provide you with:

  • a greater understanding about the relationship between anger and emotional and physical health
  • healthy ways to express your anger 
  • insights into what triggers your own anger and how to control it effectively
  • techniques and effective strategies for helping you calm down
  • better communication and conflict resolution skills
  • the ability to see problems from different perspectives 

At stow-hypno I use hypnosis to de-hypnotise you out of your anger trances so that you can think more clearly and see the bigger picture. After all, anger is a gift from nature and can help ensure your survival in genuinely threatening situations. The key is in learning how to use the energy of anger effectively and express it in healthy, non-aggressive ways.

So, if you or anyone you know would like help in resolving anger issues call me now on 0845 450 2326.