Sexual dysfunction and relationship problems are on the increase and it seems that, more than ever before, couples are breaking up. What is often the case though, is that relationship and/or sexual problems are largely to do with a lack of interpersonal communication skills and beliefs that were reinforced during childhood and adolescence.

Hypnosis has been used successfully in the treatment of sexual problems for over sixty years and as our knowledge of hypnosis increases more and more therapists are beginning to use it in their practices. In women, problems include low sexual arousal, inability to achieve orgasm and vaginismus and in men erectile dysfunction (impotence) and premature or retarded ejaculation.

Hypnotherapeutic techniques can be used to explore any underlying conflicts and problematic emotions about sex and/or your relationships and resolve feelings about past events (including sexual abuse). We know that physical and mental tension often effect the quality of our relationships and inhibit sexual arousal, thus learning to relax is a vital part in resolving sexual and relational problems. 

At stow-hypno I will work with you either individually or as a couple to help you to resolve your sexual and relationship issues so that you can begin to enjoy all aspects of your relationship once again. I will teach you more effective communication techniques, help raise your self-esteem and confidence, as well as develop your assertiveness and the ability to trust and be more intimate with your partner, enabling you to make a deeper and more meaningful connection.

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