Can't get to sleep at night? Tossing and turning for hours, glancing at the clock? Waking up early? Waking up exhausted?

We all have times in our lives when we experience difficulty sleeping. Everyday stresses can play on the mind over and over like a  tape loop and keep us awake, tossing and turning all night. Extended periods of insomnia however can have serious health repercussions.        

Worries, thoughts of future problems, thoughts of everything you need to do, or wrestling with seemingly hopeless situations are common causes for insomnia. These create a self-reinforcing cycle that can be difficult to break. These kinds of thoughts tend to breed more negative thoughts, and in addition to causing tired days and a tired mind, insomnia can lead to a state of low immunity to illness and disease in your body. Physical causes for insomnia range from physical injury or pains to chemical imbalances from hormonal activities or diet.

At stow-hypno I use techniques that are easy to learn, safe, and effective. You will learn how to quiet your mind and stop the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and worry. You will learn to relax your body and prime yourself for a night of restful, recouperative sleep. It is a skill that can be learned in only a few sessions, and then you have it for life. I will also help you to explore any deeper unresolved issues that may be causing your sleep problems, such as recurring nightmares or depression (read the depression report to find out about the link between REM sleep and depression).

You don't have to lie there tossing and turning! Call me now on 0845 450 2326