Despite many misconceptions about hypnosis (in part because of its long history as a type of entertainment) a growing body of research supports its use as an effective tool in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.

Pain is not only a physical sensation. It often involves thought processes, the imagination, perception, emotion, behaviour and even our relationships with other people. Pain is a valuable signal that something in our body needs attention. This signal appears to result from the stimulation of pain receptors or nerve endings located in our body tissues. In other words, pain gives us a warning that requires our attention.


Pain is influenced by the way we evaluate it. We may fire-up its intensity by catastrophising about it or by viewing it as never ending. Pain is further influenced by how much attention we pay to it or by how much we resist feeling it. We know that when we are absorbed in an interesting activity the pain is forgotten or becomes remote. During hypnosis or at any time when you become deeply absorbed in what you are doing you may forget all about the pain, even intense pain. It is a fact that many people have undergone major operations using hypnosis as the only anaesthesia and felt no pain.


People appear to respond to pain in different ways. Some of us cope with an injury in a detached way and experience the discomfort as being 'over there'. What one person calls excruciating another might label as bothersome. In other words, their beliefs influence the intensity and duration of their pain. This is where hypnotherapy also plays a vital role in enabling us to challenge and change our beliefs at a deep subconscious level.


People also experience anxiety about their pain and keep dragging their attention back to it and thus exacerbate it. This anxiety also makes them tense and muscle tension creates additional pain. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to relax and unwind and at stow-hypno I can teach you self hypnosis so that you can experience the benefits anytime you like.

It is also interesting to recognise that some pains may be created by the unconscious mind to distract us from various emotions. These pains are quite real and are seen in certain psychosomatic conditions, including some lower back pains and fibromyalgia.


Because hypnotherapy deals directly with the unconscious mind I could help you deal with any unresolved emotional issues which may be causing, prolonging or making your pain feel worse. Added to this is the fact that deep relaxation, as experienced in hypnosis, releases endorphins (the body's natural pain killers) into the blood stream resulting in many pains being transformed into warmth, tingling, gentle pressure or numbness.


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