Giving birth can be the most pleasuarable experience of your life - if you'll let it! Hypno-birthing is based on the philosophy that birth is natural, normal and healthy - not a medical incident.

During your hypnobirthing sessions you will be taught how to put yourself into a light hypnotic trance state and use deep breathing techniques to coincide with the body's natural surges, otherwise known as contactions. Am because I am trained in trauma resolution and treating depression I can help you resolve any previous birth traumas/abortions/miscarriages and ensure you remain depression-free after the birth.

One of the main reasons for preparing thoroughly for giving birth is to enjoy the experience rather than fear it. It is all about letting nature do the work for you so that you can utilise the body's full potential instead of numbing it with drugs.

Therefore, at stow-hypno I teach expectant mothers how not to intellectualize the birth process or try to make themselves 'stay in control'. The key to natural childbirth is to abandon your conscious thought processes as labour progresses and allow yourself to flow with the experience, handing over control to the wisdom of your mind-body system to do the work for you. Consider the fact that humans have been giving birth for thousands of years and that the birthing process itself has been perfected over that time. If you trust your body's wisdom you can permit the contractions themselves to be your guide and let the breathing patterns that you will learn in your hypnosis sessions to make your birthing experience natural and even enjoyable.

K.V. from Stowmarket shares her hypno-birthing experience in this testimonial:

"After having some very successful sessions with Gavin for weight loss a couple of years ago, I decided to return to Stow Hypno for help with the birth of my second daughter. My first experience of birth, although technically "uncomplicated", was a fairly painful drawn out experience which took 16 hours, 5 cannisters of gas and air, and a shot of pethidine which totally knocked me out for over 2 hours! Knowing that I have a very low pain threshold, I decided to try hypno-birthing this time to try to have a more relaxing and positive experience, as I really wanted to have a birth without any medical intervention or pain relief.

When my labour started at 10.30pm, I put my Ipod on with a recording of the personalised CD Gavin had made for me, and started the breathing techniques so that I could stay relaxed. This went on for about 3 hours, with the surges gradually strengthening. I then sat up in bed and carried on breathing through each one, (I knew that I had called out my midwife far too early for my first labour, so I wanted to carry on for as long as possible by myself this time). I finally decided to wake my partner up at 3am because although I wasn't in any pain, my hands had started shaking after each surge! He called the midwife for me and once she arrived I got out of bed and waited for her to set up in the living room. As soon as she had set up, she called out the second midwife, and baby Sophie arrived about half an hour after that, at 5am - the midwives just sat and watched the whole thing without interfering at all.

I couldn't really believe how quickly and easily the whole thing had happened; I had managed the full first stage of labour by myself using only the hypno-birthing breathing techniques, and was able to remain focussed and in no pain throughout. The second stage took around half an hour, and again I was able to use the breathing techniques to see me through with a minimal amount of discomfort. Looking back on the experience, I am so pleased that I used Hypnobirthing and only wish that I had known about it for my first labour. I am really proud of myself for achieving a pain-free birth, and hugely grateful to Gavin for enabling it to happen - I certainly couldn't have done it without him."

To find out how you can enjoy a natural childbirth call me today on 0845 450 2326.

More info and hypnobirthing videos can be found by visiting You Tube