Research on hypnotherapy with children and teens shows that they often make excellent hypnotic subjects. You may already have evidence of this in seeing your kids glued to the TV or computer games, oblivious to you calling them! In all likelihood, they are not ignoring you - they are in a trance state of focused attention.

Understanding that most problems are caused or exacerbated by a misuse of our imaginations (worry, fear, anxiety, depression etc), it is easy to see how hypnotherapy can benefit kids. Kids spend a huge amount of time in a world of their own, in fantasy, in their imaginations. And it is in learning how to use the imagination differently that most problems can be resolved.

As more youngsters are prescribed medication for depression, ADHD and the like (before their brains have fully developed) there is an obvious need for an alternative to this dangerous practice. You may have read about kids as young as 8 years old being prescribed Prozac and other powerful, mind-altering drugs. But the research tells us that anti-depressants work for only a 1/3 of patients and nobody really knows the long-term effects of using such drugs.

I believe that hypnotherapy offers a safe alternative to helping kids overcome not only depression but other common childhood issues. (Get my free depression report here)

At stow-hypno I have successfully helped children and teenagers:

  • conquer fears and phobias
  • overcome enuresis (bed-wetting)
  • stop thumb sucking
  • stop nail biting
  • manage exam/ test nerves
  • overcome nightmares and other sleep problems
  • boost confidence and self-esteem
  • deal with bullying
  • improve school and sports performance

For more information about how hypnotherapy can help your son or daughter call me now on 0845 450 2326 and invest in your child's future today!