Here are some great sites that will increase your knowledge and understanding of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and other mind-body stuff. Human Givens Institute. Find out more about the Human Givens here. List of qualified and registered practitioners. my new site, focused more on transpersonal therapy workshops I run with Dr Kate Powis about the power of story, myth and metaphor The Green Room in Stowmarket, my Stowmarket office Using inner guides and past life regression for therapeutic change. A transpersonal synthesis of Eastern and Western perspectives. Hypnosis, NLP, persuasion/selling strategies, mind-body communication. Michael Yapko's site, specialising in the treatment of depression using hypnosis. Gary Craig's website (founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques) with a free EFT manual which you can download  'Project Renaissance' - some amazing techniques to help you realise your potential. A fun 5 minute personality test based on your choice of colours. Amazingly accurate! Try it and see. my colleague, Garry Dunmore's sites.