Your first hypnotherapy session will last 90 minutes in which you can tell me your issue of concern and what changes you would like to make. The cost of the first session is £70. If there is time and if it is appropriate you will experience hypnosis in the first session. 

All subsequent hypnotherapy sessions last 75 minutes and cost £60. These will involve a deeper exploration of your emotional needs and the development of strategies and resources to help meet them and achieve your goals of therapy.

Stop Smoking Therapy is done in a single 3 hour session and costs £225. Along with your investment you'll also get a FREE follow-up session (if required) which you can take anytime up to one whole year after your quit-day session. I also provide on-going email support, a hypnosis reinforcing CD, and an e-guide to help you stay on track as a natural non-smoker. 

Past Life Regression Therapy: All sessions last 2 hours and cost £95. (These are digitally recorded for you to keep).


If you are on benefits the session fees are:

First session (90 minutes) £55  

Subsequent sessions (1 hour 15 mins) £45  

Stop Smoking Therapy £195

Past Life Regression Therapy (2 hours) £80 


If, after reading the info on this site you still have questions or would like more advice we can arrange a FREE consultation - without any obligation to book a full session - where I will answer any questions you might have about hypnosis and the way I work as a therapist.


*Please note, if you book an appointment and have to cancel I need at least 24 hours notice otherwise a full session fee is charged, which will be added to the cost of your next session. Stop smoking sessions require a £50 deposit (cheque or bank transfer) and the remainder of the fee is paid at the end of your session.