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STRESS (general anxiety disorder, fears, phobias, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder) - I use the latest therapeutic techniques based on how your brain actually works, not some old psychological theory, making recovery quick and painless.

WHAT HYPNOSIS REALLY IS AND WHY IT WORKS BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL COUNSELLING AND CBT  - If you want to make lasting changes you're best off utilising the unconscious mind through hypnosis. Find out why by reading this report.

NEW FREE EBOOK How You Can Stop Smoking in One Session of Hypnosis Yes, if you genuinely want to quit I can help you in one session of hypnosis with my unique programme (with free follow-up session if required and email support). This is my new mini e-book that tells you why hypnosis is the number one method to help you stop smoking.

NO-DIET WEIGHT LOSS - no calorie counting, no point counting, no sin foods, no green or red days, no gimmicks. The permanent solution to weight loss.

WHY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS NEARLY ALWAYS FAIL  - Find out why New Year's resolutions nearly always fail and what you can do to succeed this year.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT Learn how to unleash your potential and perform at your best in sport, business, public speaking, education (tests and exams), the arts, and in the bedroom.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) - what's really happening with OCD and how you can start to beat the OCD 'bully' that tells you to keep performing those rituals.

DEPRESSION  No depression gene exists! Find out what really causes depression and how your life can become rich and meaningful again.


More free reports will be coming soon on subjects ranging from: insomnia, anger management, relationship problems and sexual dysfunctions.