If you're serious about stopping smoking the information here and in my new e-book How You Can Stop Smoking in One Session of Hypnosis could help you make up your mind to quit the habit through hypnosis.


"I came to see you a year ago to stop smoking and I can honestly say its been the best year of my life. Smoke free and loving every minute. I was right in saying I wouldn't need the free session!!!" Read the full testimonial here.

But it's not just my words or those of my clients. 'New Scientist' magazine concluded that hypnotherapy enjoys a far greater success rate than any other method in helping people stop smoking and that people who smoke are over five times more likely to break the habit with hypnosis than by will-power alone. 'Which' magazine also concluded that hypnotherapy is three times more successful than Nicotine Replacement Therapy. 

When you stop smoking with hypnosis there are no side effects, and like most people who visit my stop smoking clinics in Suffolk and Essex you will leave as a healthy non-smoker after just one session. I even offer a free follow-up session if you need it that can be taken any time up to a whole year from the date of your initial session.

Watch the videos below for a reality check but don't bother phoning the numbers in the ads because NHS statistics on stopping smoking are based on just 30 days. Yes, if you quit for 30 days they deem their treatment a success! My aim is to help you quit and stay quit for good (like this client who recently sent me this email two years after her stop smoking session)...

"I'm doing really well as a non-smoker... Smoking doesn't cross my mind and I sometimes actually forget that I ever did!!! Nearly 2 years on now and I really cannot imagine ever wanting to smoke again. Although I haven't made any major life changes I love the fact everything smells clean and fresh and that I don't waste money or time on cigarettes, I'm so much more productive without the "cigarette breaks" and much better off financially. My health is significantly better too. To start with I thought that I may be bothered by colleagues and friends who smoke but not in the slightest. (I don't like the way they smell but that's their choice!!!) All in all I love being a non-smoker and once again can only say that I couldn't have done it without you!!" M.W. Stowmarket

The time has come! Download your free e-book then email or call me on 0845 450 2326 to book your session and regain control of your life