"Diets are training courses that teach you how to be fat and feel miserable."  Paul McKenna, quoted on Sky TV

If you're struggling with controlling your weight, or are fed up with the constant battle with your relationship with food, hypnotherapy could offer a permanent solution to not only helping you lose weight but also improving your self-esteem.

"I have now lost over 4 stone..."- read the full testimonial and others here

The facts seem to show that bad eating habits are extremely difficult to change through diets that are based solely on the use of conscious will-power. You need something much more powerful than that. This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is all about changing things on a deeper, instinctive level. This is why at stow-hypno you can lose weight without dieting and then maintain your target weight permanently. This is a weight loss programme that has nothing to do with green days, red days, counting points or calories, sin foods, meal replacement drinks, depriving yourself, weekly weigh-ins; indeed, nothing to do with dieting at all!

The problem with diets is that you always feel as if you are depriving yourself of something. Perhaps your diet has 'sin' foods that you are not allowed to eat. Maybe there are 'green and red days' or perhaps you have to count points or calories and have to do this meticulously, just to ensure you don't exceed your quota. Even worse, perhaps you have to endure the banality of living on 500 calorie-a-day shakes!! These are all short-term, quick fixes and gimmicks and leave you fatter than when you started!

Diets fail because very few people can stick to such a strict regime indefinitely. As soon as the cravings kick in most people give up and go back to their old habits or turn to comfort eating as a way to control their feelings of failure. If this sounds like you then it's obvious that a new approach is needed. 

Imagine how good it would feel if you could... 

  • lose weight without worrying about calories or points or sin foods or green and red days.
  • eat whatever you liked but still lose weight.
  • avoid the humiliation of weekly weigh-ins. 
  • finally resolve your issue with food and weight for good...

With my system you can lose weight naturally, safely and steadily. By changing your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes toward food and eating (and about yourself) you can achieve and maintain your target weight, and often sooner than you think. When the unconscious mind is reprogrammed with new positive beliefs and expectations it becomes far easier to change old eating habits, overcome cravings, deal with emotional eating and, in so doing, raise your self-esteem, confidence and motivation. 

So, if you are fed up with dieting, feeling like a failure and now feel ready to do something different hypnosis could be exactly what you are looking for. Whether you have a history of yoyo dieting, emotional/comfort eating, or need to lose a few stones or just want to tone up, the stow-hypno no-diet weight loss programme can help you.

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