Stress and anxiety disorders are becoming an integral part of modern life and although it's normal to feel stressed occasionally (which can actually help us perform better) it is the more prolonged, chronic stress and anxiety that, if left unresolved, causes real problems. 

Stress is often caused by one or more emotional needs not being met in your life, such as the need for safety and security, the need for attention and connection to others, the need to feel in control of your life, to have purpose and goals etc.

More acute stress reactions, such as panic attacks, phobias, PTSD are usually the result of a faulty pattern-match in the brain. To find out more about this and what I can do to help you download your FREE REPORT.

At stow-hypno I use the very latest therapeutic methods based on how your brain actually works. I will teach you how to relax quickly and calm your mind and body in any situation. Indeed, learning how to relax should be a part of any successful therapy model because nobody can think straight when they are emotionally aroused. Anxiety is an emotional trance state and it is only by calming down that you can access the part of the brain that can be more rational and see things from a different perspective.

In instances of trauma I use the 'Rewind Technique' to detraumatise the part of the brain that keeps replaying negative memories, flashbacks, nightmares etc. I have successfully used the technique with all types of trauma, from victims of accidents, war, and sexual abuse. In effect, the 'Rewind' technique 'de-hypnotizes' you out of anxiety-trances, enabling you to live a normal life once again.

So, despite what some therapists might say about 'a course of hypnoanalysis' (often unnecessarily lengthy in duration, with the aim of finding the 'root cause') the best way to treat most anxiety disorders is by using a solution-focused approach, often resulting in the conquering of fears, phobias, and PTSD in just a few sessions and sometimes in a single session.

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